Bird Watching Tour

Bird Watching Tour - $50 per person.

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The Osa Peninsula is home of 350 bird species!
In this tours you can see many of this species around Drake Bay. An specialist guide will help you finding, appreciating and identifying many of this species with their information. Watching birds and listening their songs will be an unforgettable experience for you.

Some of the many species that you can see in this tour are:

- Hummingbirds
- Woodpeckers
- Scarlet macaws
- Tucans
- Hawks
- Tanagers
- Birds of prey

We have three hours for this tour. Contact us!

"We loved the wildlife"

A magical hole day tour to enjoy with all your family. The kids were amazed with all the different kind of spieces they discovered at Sirena.

Christinne Smith
23 February 2022
Image by Andrew Robles
"Great staff and great location"

This tour was amazing! The wildlife you'll see at Sirena will blow your mind!

Christinne Smith
12 November 2021
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