Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding - $55 per person.

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3hs tour Horseback riding at Drake Bay is a must and you can choose between a day tour or an afternoon tour, through the forest and the beach. It is not required to have previous experience and small children can ride accompanied by an adult of the family.

We offer horseback riding tours for those interested in visiting the outlying area, Departing just a few minutes walk from your hotel, our specialized naturalist guides will lead you on well maintained paths and roads that visit all the desire able spots of this remote rainforest.

The horseback riding tour include Gallop along deserted beaches or ride through primary rainforest en route to lush, green hilltops with sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean or thundering waterfalls hidden deep in the verdant forest.

Throughout the horseback riding tour your guide will point out items of interest including a variety of bird and animal species and numerous medicinal plants and bushes. Hummingbirds, vultures, hawks, scarlet macaws, sloth’s, and monkeys are common sightings as are colorful orchids, colorful berry trees and heliconias.
The Osa Peninsula contains some of Costa Rica’s most beautiful topside scenery, and a horseback riding tour is ideally suited to help you see it.

Our horses are obedient and trained specifically for this type of activity. Whether you're an expert rider or novice, our horseback riding tour is a fantastic way to spend a few hours exploring the local flora and fauna.

We have three hours for this tour. Contact us!

"We loved the wildlife"

A magical hole day tour to enjoy with all your family. The kids were amazed with all the different kind of spieces they discovered at Sirena.

Christinne Smith
23 February 2022
Image by Andrew Robles
"Great staff and great location"

This tour was amazing! The wildlife you'll see at Sirena will blow your mind!

Christinne Smith
12 November 2021
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