San Pedrillo Day Tour

San Pedrillo Day Tour - $100 per person.

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San Pedrillo station is located about 17 kilometers southwest of the town of Drake. The closest from Drake Bay, 20 minutes by boat. Its location, its climatic characteristics, the capricious condition of its soils and its topography, make this site the home of an amazing diversity of biological species. Because of the richness of the area, it has aroused an interest among Costa Rican scientists and other countries to develop research projects and scientific studies, as well as promoting environmental education.

Theres mostly primary forest. There are more than 400 types of birds that the guide will help you locate; In addition, there is a great possibility to see the species of monkeys, crocodriles, sloths, agoutis, lots of birds and the armies of ants that trace a fierce path through the forest. At the end of the tour you will visit a beautifull waterfall and enjoy a swimming hole in the forest.

"We loved the wildlife"

A magical hole day tour to enjoy with all your family. The kids were amazed with all the different kind of spieces they discovered at Sirena.

Christinne Smith
23 February 2022
Image by Andrew Robles
"Great staff and great location"

This tour was amazing! The wildlife you'll see at Sirena will blow your mind!

Christinne Smith
12 November 2021
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