Sierpe Mangrove Tour

Sierpe Mangrove Tour - $115 per person.

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4hs tour to discover the Drake Bay Mangroves. Our mangrove boat tour starts at 7:30 AM and is at the impressive estuary of the Terraba River. This is a top tour to observe the wildlife in Costa Rica.

The National Wetland Térraba-Sierpe is the largest virgin mangrove on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica with more than 24,000 hectares, it is highly diverse in terms of biodiversity since it has four families of mangrove; Rhizophoraceae, Combretaceae, Pelliciera and Avicenniaceae.
A world hidden, accessible only by water, this flooded forest is home of almost 100 species of birds, including the mangrove Hummingbird Amazilia boucardi which is endemic to the Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

During the tour you can see species such as crocodiles, tree frogs, boas, iguanas and river turtles. Mammals are also very common and you can see three monkey species (squirrel, howler and cappuccino), as well as sloths, coatis and the Silky anteater. Birds such as herons, owls, parrots and shorebirds use this area as a place of nesting and feeding.

A motorboat 4-stroke outboard, where you can go comfortably seated in the boat.

A minimum of 4 persons is required to make the tour or pay the full amount of the tour.

Depart from Drake Bay beach to the mouth of the Sierpe Mangrove where your adventure begins.

The tour includes drinks and biscuits!

"We loved the wildlife"

A magical hole day tour to enjoy with all your family. The kids were amazed with all the different kind of spieces they discovered at Sirena.

Christinne Smith
23 February 2022
Image by Andrew Robles
"Great staff and great location"

This tour was amazing! The wildlife you'll see at Sirena will blow your mind!

Christinne Smith
12 November 2021
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