Sirena Station Day Tour

Sirena Station Day Tour - $115 per person.

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Of the five ranger stations of Corcovado National Park, this is the most visited, and for that reason it has basic services of lodging and food for tourists (with a reservation) Sirena station is about an hour boat ride. Along the way you will see beautiful panoramas of the beach, and possibly dolphins and whales.
This 8hs tour to visit one of the most diversed natural place of the world will blow you away... The tour will take you deeper in the rainforest where you will have a chance to see species such as Tapirs, Monkies and mammals in danger of extinction such as the tapir, white-lipped peccaries, monkeys, as well as many other species.
La Sirena Station is the top place for wildlife in Costa Rica. You'll enjoy also tons of wildlife species, listen to the many beautiful birds, and investigate millions of insects of Corcovado National Park.
The day tour includes hiking, a picnic lunch and tour guide.

- Comfortable and light clothes , small bag pack for your belongings plus a lunch box as this is provided: lunch box or lunch bag (sandwiches, fruit, 1 bottle of small water, juice, cookie). At the end of the tour we provide extra drinks and fruits.
- A plastic bag to protect your camera.
- Sandals and close hiking shoes.
- In winter: coats or ponchos.
- We do not recommend to bring obj
ects of great value like passport, cash, credit cards, etc. - Solar Protector, mosquito repellent, sunglasses.
- Remember when you take the boat you have to dip your feet in the ocean to reach the park, as this is taken on the beach. Therefore we suggest the use of sandals and then in the park change your sandals for walking shoes.

"We loved the wildlife"

A magical hole day tour to enjoy with all your family. The kids were amazed with all the different kind of spieces they discovered at Sirena.

Christinne Smith
23 February 2022
Image by Andrew Robles
"Great staff and great location"

This tour was amazing! The wildlife you'll see at Sirena will blow your mind!

Christinne Smith
12 November 2021
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